Financial Advisors

Access to Advisor Portal


Advisor Canada provides leads to financial advisors who have registered for our service. The leads are qualified leads based on potential clients requesting appointments through the Advisor Canada website. Leads are only given to one advisor therefore you will not be in competition with another financial advisor who obtains leads from Advisor Canada.

There are certain obligations that the advisor who is getting the leads must do:

- Confirm acceptance of the lead, the appointments are pre-booked and you will receive notice of the location of the lead and the date / time booked.

- Accept the lead within 4 hours of receiving the lead. If confirmation of acceptance is not received within this time the lead will be given to another financial advisor.

= Once a lead is accepted you will be given the details further details regarding the lead.

- Commissions will be split with our parent company and the financial advisor completing the application (60% for the financial advisor 40% for our parent company as the secondary advisor).

- Once the appointment has been completed the advisor must update the system with the results of the meeting (ie, products sold to client - company, value, premium (if insurance/medical/travel)).

- Subsequent leads appointments will be based on success factors of previous appointments.


Link to Advisor Canada Application -> Financial Advisor Application