Travel Insurance

Types of travel insurance

Trip Insurance

There are various types of trip insurance. You can get coverage for trip cancellation - emergency medical treatment - emergency travel home and various other conditions depending on the insurance company selected and the plans available.

Visitors to Canada

Some travel insurance companies offer insurance to visitors you have coming to Canada. This insurance provides them some medical coverage while they are in Canada, the amount of coverage depends on the policy and the company. In some cases this can be used for new immigrants to the country while they are awaiting provincial health coverage.

Student Insurance

Student insurance tops up insurance a student may have while in post secondary school. The insurance can cover medical expenses while on trips out of the country and various other conditions depending on the option and company selected.

Truck Driver Insurance

This insurance is for long haul truck drivers who are out of the country or province in which they reside. It provides medical coverage, travel home and other options depending on the options and company selected.


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